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At MELBOURNE ANTIQUE CLOCK REPAIRS we carry out repairs, restoration and servicing to all types of clocks and watches.
We will pick up and deliver at NO extra charge.

We give free quotations before proceeding with any work.

  • The price quoted is Fixed.
  • Complete restoration work
  • Case restoration
  • Case repairs & French polishing.

Antique Clock Repairs MelbourneOur workshop is comprehensively equipped with the highest quality Swiss, German, American and English lathes, Horological machinery and tools. Every clock is treated with respect and sympathetically restored to the highest of quality and standards.
All clocks restored come with a full ONE YEAR warranty and are returned to their original pristine working order. Every clock is carefully taken apart. All parts are Ultrasonically cleaned, Pivots polished and plates are re-bushed using either KWM or Bergeon bushes. Any parts that are replaced are either handmade or sourced to be as close as to the original as possible.
Before reassembly the clock parts and plates go through a final clean and examination. Clocks once completed are oiled with Mobius Swiss clock oil and greases, and go through a one to two week timing, and striking regime, to ensure the clock is 100% accurate and in perfect working order.
Your clock is returned and set up in your home. Your clock is put into “beat”, correct time adjusted and fully wound. Also correct winding issues are discussed.

  • Member AAHS (Australian Antiquarian Horological Society)
  • Member NAWCC Chapter 122

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